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What do Beehive Wellbeing do?

We run a wide variety of workshops covering many crafts from working with salvaged wood to textiles and homemade skincare. Workshops vary slightly depending on the season, however you can expect to see artisan soap making, candles making, upcycling and eco workshops, Indian block printing, book binding, embroidery, mixed media and many more!. I also do some self care workshops including art journaling, vision boards and be your own life coach.  I strongly believe that creativity should be accessible for all. I run workshops that are bookable for individuals as well as workshops for community groups, charities, schools, businesses and private groups and parties.


Are your workshops suitable for beginners?
Absolutely all workshops are suitable to complete beginners, even those beginners that claim to have no craft skills at all!

Can I book you for a private party/birthday party/event?
Yes absolutely, We regularly do private bookings for hen parties, birthday parties, alternative Christmas parties, ladies groups, Wi Groups and more! 
Please contact me with the details including dates, times, and post code. We will let you know our availability. 

Do you travel to deliver workshops?
Yes we do! We deliver workshops across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire on a regular basis. We have previously also delivered workshops in York, Derbyshire, Leeds and Birmingham. We are open to traveling, so please get in touch. 

How do I book a workshop?
Go to the Upcoming Workshops Booking page and add the workshops to the basket for payment. 

Where are you based, do you have a studio?
I am just in the process of converting a building in Lincolnshire for a new studio, however most of my workshops are run on a travelling basis. This means you have the option to attend a workshop in more than one location. Many people also tie this into a day out or even a weekend away.

You do not have a location near me. 
Many people that attend workshops travel for two hours, why you might ask? Because we provide great value workshops, receive great reviews and have a gold rating for the workshops we deliver. You will not be disappointed. 

 Can I attend more than one workshop in a day?

Yes of course you can! Many weekend dates often have more than one workshop running in a day. In fact you will often have the choice of 4 different workshops running on one day as we have multiple tutors that will teach different sessions. So in theory you could choose a morning workshop and a different workshop in the afternoon to enjoy a full craft day.  

Are materials included?
Yes!  Materials and equipment are included in the cost of the workshop. We provide everything from materials to equipment and even aprons. 

Are refreshments included? 
Refreshments and a complimentary sweet treat are included in many workshops. Some workshops even include a complimentary lunch. Please read the details of the workshop prior to booking as some venues do prevent this. 
Please be aware that we are not however a café and have limited options particularly if you have allergies or intolerance's then you may prefer to bring supplies with you. Please make us aware of any allergies two weeks prior to the workshop.


Can I come to a workshop on my own? 
Absolutely you can, most groups have a least half the attendees coming alone. Do not worry about this, crafters are always a chatty bunch. 

Do you do one to one workshops?
Very occasionally, but most people choose to come to a group session. Please contact me with requests for one-one workshops

Do you do workshops for children? 
I do private booking workshops for children both in the community and within schools on a regular basis. If you have a request, please do let us know.

Can I bring my child to a workshop?
Most workshops are aimed at adults, however on occasion I have I allowed an older children to attend some workshops, so please contact me to discuss your needs. 

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