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School Visits

Beehive Wellbeing undertake many visits to Schools. We use arts and crafts to engage children and inspire creativity. creatively, break down barriers to participation, inspire and contribute to curriculum learning, personal and community development. Our workshops allow children and young people to  be absorbed in activities that provide  so many therapeutic benefits. Workshops can be delivered to all age groups including young people with  SEND.

Whatever the event, we can work with you to tailor a workshop to meet your needs, this will ensure you keep loved ones of all ages entertained with our fun, accessible and inclusive activities. Each of our workshops is led by an expert tutor who will guide you through the project to ensure that everyone had a fabulous time and enjoys the activity.  We will take care of everything, from running the workshop and providing all the materials to the tidying up at the end of the event. This will allow you to enjoy the fun and concentrate on any other aspects of the event. You can choose from a huge range of creative workshops, we can discuss them with you. You may have an idea in mind or need help choosing, either way we can guide you along. 

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